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on: January 23, 2019, 06:00:33 PM
Let me start by saying i really, really like this album! And i can understand that someone who listens to it right now might think meh...
The reason i love this album is probably because of the following:

I listened to their first album Frogstomp (1995) a lot back then. Of course it was very Nirvana like and i was into Grunge.
At the end of the 90's i somewhat forgot about Silverchair.
A few years later, most likely 2003, i was walking near the Paradiso in Amsterdam, Holland and wondered which band people were standing in line for.
It turned out to be Silverchair!

I had no clue they were in town or that they even still were a band at all!
I soon found out it was sold out but lucky me found some guy selling a ticket.
So within 10 minutes of walking there i was inside, waiting for Silverchair to come on stage.

The last music from them i heard was that first album i mentioned above. So i expected a grungy show.
I was wrong!

Those young kids turned in a completely different direction over the years and moved away from grunge to make room for melodic rock and even pop-like songs. Although completely unexpected, it was just awesome!

Of course they still played their older and rougher songs as well.
Awesome concert, especially when you are on your way home haha!

Soon after the below album came out. Including DVD. Which obviously i picked up right away and watched many, many times over the years.

Give it a try, you might like it ;)

My favorite song from this album

Silverchair - Live at the Faraway Stables - 2003

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Reply #1 on: February 27, 2019, 08:19:08 AM
Don't know this one but will listen to it thanks!