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on: January 10, 2019, 12:36:07 PM
I was a huge Jeff Buckley fan! I spent quite some time in the 90's and early 2000's listening to his music. Though as with a lot of older music you kinda lose touch with it after a while. But finding this cd brings back good memories.

This specific album is a recording from his, i believe, early days before he had a record deal. He used to play in small music/coffee bar in NYC. He would play solo, a combination of his own songs and covers and just random stuff.
This album is really as close as you can get to listening to him as a person. Just doing what he enjoyed doing. Of course his first (and last "real" album) Grace is a work of art and also highly recommended.

A fun anecdote is how i found out about his music: This local cd store had the Grace album and it was displayed in front of some other cd's. And for a few weeks it just grabbed my attention walking past it every time. Finally i picked up because just had to know what kind of music it was. Obviously i bought it right that afternoon!

Here is one of my fav songs from the album:
It's a Van Morrison cover by the way.

Jeff Buckley - Live at Sin-é - Legacy Edition - 1993
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