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Title: SWR 350x bass head
Post by: Franck on January 15, 2019, 11:15:43 AM
Just took a picture for my Instagram so i guess i could post it here as well.

The SWR 350x head is of course well known. It's a good amp. Obvioiusly, as with any amp, some people love the tone, others don't.
One feature i really like is the subwave button/pedal. In my case i control it with the pedal (which i forgot to photograph). And it adds a really nice, well, subwave haha. It thickens the sound with an extra tone.

It sits on top of a very powerful Alumabass 4x10 cab. It has aluminium cones, like Hartke. And not only do they sound really good, i think the cabinet itself looks awesome!

I'm very happy with the set. It's being used for rehearsals and will also be on recordings in the near future!