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My "Fender" Tele


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on: December 27, 2018, 03:44:44 PM
Last year i picked up this Telecaster.

While the details told to me might not be entirely correct i'm pretty sure it's one of the Ibanez "lawsuit" guitars from the 70's. Supposedly Japanese.

While the lawsuit only involed Gibson, all the copies made -back when Ibanez was just a tiny company- simply get labeled this way.  I guess it sells better on Ebay  ;D

My specific guitar has been highly modified over the years. Only one pickup is original and the neck has been changed. A Bigsby has been added and the wiring had work done.

Not sure how it was before but right now it's just a great guitar. Versatile in tones and simply plays very nicely. It's quite heavy though!

You might want to read about the lawsuit guitars in case you're not familiar. It's quite interesting. And there are a lot of copies out there that are still amazing guitars despite being "fake".

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